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Top Recommendations Of Specs And Features In Simple Language For The Best TVs

Top recommendations and descriptions of specs and features in simple language for the best TVs
A TV purchase has never been more advantageous. Yes, we said the same thing a few years ago, but it still holds true today. LCD and OLED TVs are now more affordable than ever because the industry has almost completely eliminated all of the bugs. Or at least they were up until the current chip scarcity started.

However, great mid-range models (55- to 65-inch class) are available for much less than $1,000, while high-end 4K versions cost around half as much as they were a few years ago. After giving you our best options, we’ll go into great detail about the specifications and features you’ll find when you shop.

LG G2 Evo Gallery Edition: Best OLED TV


  • Stunning image with deep blacks
  • Excellent remote and interface
  • Outstanding video processing
  • Ultra-thin bezel


  • Pricey Based on outdated WRGB technology

A fantastic OLED TV with an incredibly small bezel that looks especially lovely on the wall is the G2 Evo Gallery edition. Our sole qualification is that LG’s older WRGB technology has been surpassed by quantum-dot OLEDs that utilise RGB subpixels (WRGB uses a white subpixel for brightness, which reduces color saturation).

The best quantum-dot OLED TV is the Sony Bravia XR A95K.


  • Incredible image quality
  • Superb sound
  • Beautiful industrial design Objections

The greatest 4K TV we’ve ever seen was created by Sony using Samsung’s quantum dot OLED panel and its picture processing expertise and high-end audio technology. However, the best things require quite large wallets. You might save up to $1000 by purchasing an OLED from LG or Samsung. On the other hand, you might find that the Bravia XR A95audio K’s technology is also the best available in the market, negating the need for a soundbar.

Best LCD TV with LED backlight: Samsung QN90B


  • Excellent photo and HDR
  • All HDMI ports at 120Hz
  • Excellent color clarity and saturation New solar remote with RF harvesting drawbacks


  • No support for Dolby Vision Excessive number of clicks required to complete tasks

The greatest 4K UHD LCD TV from Samsung has excellent image quality, especially when it comes to HDR, and it comes with four HDMI connections that support 120 Hz in addition to a handy remote that can be charged using RF harvesting. The confusing Smart Hub TV interface from Samsung irritated us since it needs far too many clicks. Having said that, the QN90B is the most attractive 4K LCD TV available right now.

Best 8K TV: Samsung QN900B


  • High-quality LED-backlit LCD images
  • Plays 8K video files and YouTube videos with excellent upscaling for 4K and lower-resolution content
  • Cable management is simplified by One Connect breakout boxes Drawbacks


  • Only a few backlighting issues
  • Extremely high price

Our current favorite 8K UHD TV is the QN900B. An impactful image is produced by excellent upscaling, accurate color, and lots of peak brightness—especially when HDR content is used. But if you have to inquire about the price, you most likely cannot afford it.

The best 8K TV bargain is the TCL 6-Series Pros



  • Outstanding 8K reproduction and general image quality
  • Unexpectedly good sound
  • The market’s most cheap 8K UHD TV by a wide margin Supports YouTube AV1 8K and 8K UHD HEVC files


  • Compared to 4K UHD TVs but still
  • Genuine 8K UHD content is difficult to find.

An 8K TV can cost a lot of money, or a lot of money can be spent on one. The quality and performance of TCL’s 8K offering are outstanding considering the price. The TCL 65R648 is a great deal if you don’t require the greatest 8K television available.

The best 4K TV for the money is the TCL 6-series 4K.


  • Fantastic color and brightness of a quantum dot
  • Outstanding HDR rendering
  • Affordable for the level of the image

Direct Bluetooth audio playback from the TV is not supported Heavy for a 55-inch TV at around 60 pounds.
TCL is quickly acquiring a reputation for producing affordable smart TVs that offer amazing value, and it deserves it. Its 55-inch 6-series is no exception, using mini-LED backlighting and quantum-dot color to create a set with excellent color, brightness, and the Roku TV operating system. We really enjoy it.


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