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The Top Vivo Handset In 2023 – [Top 5+] REVIEW

One of the biggest smartphone manufacturers that you may not be familiar with is Vivo. With the company’s continued drive into new foreign markets outside of its home market of China, that might soon alter.

Many of the company’s smartphones are still only being released in Asia at this early stage of its worldwide expansion, but an increasing number are also being released in Europe, including its most recent X80 Pro flagship. The business has already started hinting towards a worldwide rollout of its X90 series, which is now available in China and will likely be sold in the UK and Europe.

It’s also worth taking into account the company’s iQoo sub-brand, which provides updated versions of its parent brand’s gadgets that strike an even more competitive price/performance balance with a tad of a gaming focus.

Just a brief software note: There are currently two operating systems in use by Vivo. The more latest operating system, Origin OS, is presently only accessible on Chinese models. The European versions of phones run a trimmed-down version of Funtouch that is more similar to a stock Android experience and is much better for it. Funtouch OS is present on the global launches.

1. Vivo X80 Pro: Best All Around Phone

The X80 Pro, Vivo’s newest flagship, enjoys a widespread release that covers a large portion of Asia and Europe, including the UK.

It’s odd that this is extremely comparable to the earlier X70 Pro+, below, but that it is offered in more nations and costs a little less.

The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and a larger battery with quicker charging are the main improvements, and those alone make this an upgrade that is worthwhile.

The main image sensor and image processor have received small modifications, but these changes are sufficient to make this Vivo’s greatest camera and our favorite smartphone camera of 2022. The only change Vivo made that we don’t like is that it switched from an ultrawide to a 2x zoom lens when using its patented gimbal technology.

2. The Best Ultrawide Camera: Vivo X70 Pro+

The X70 Pro+, as was already said, is strikingly similar to the X80 Pro but has a less modern chip and an inferior battery and charging system. However, it’s still a fantastic flagship that is definitely worth purchasing if you can find it at a lower price.

Snapdragon 888+ processor, up to 12GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, a 120Hz WQHD+ AMOLED display, and 55W fast charging are still the top specifications available.

However, the camera, which is unquestionably still one of the greatest in any phone right now, is really what matters most. The ultrawide lens stands out among the four rear lenses, which are all excellent (and all feature OIS to boot), and is still superior to that of the more recent model due to gimbal stabilization.

3. Best Design: Vivo X70 Pro

The Pro+ equivalent, the X70 Pro, is only little less powerful, but it is still rather potent (and also unavailable outside Asia).

The display is smaller and has a lesser quality, and there is no wireless charging or IP certification. The Dimensity 1200 chipset, albeit a customized version for Vivo, is where it is also limited.

You’ll still receive a wonderful quad rear camera, which has many of the same specifications as the Pro+ version. With a thinner body, less weight, and no strange reflective ceramic pane next to the camera, you also get a better design.

4. Vivo iQoo 9T – The Best Gaming Phone

Due to the fierce competition in the gaming phone market, it takes a very standout product to get attention.

By almost every meaningful metric, the iQoo 9T performs admirably, with solid cameras, long battery life, a superb display, and ample power for even the most ardent gamers owing to the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It even includes a very quick 120W charger.

The gadget falls short in subtle ways, with issues including poor thermal management, subpar haptics, and an excessive amount of adware pre-installed, among other software annoyances.

As a result, for the majority of users, this smartphone will be one that not only meets but often far exceeds their expectations in terms of functionality and affordability. The iQoo 9T is a thoughtful, successful smartphone that accomplishes enough to merit a recommendation, even though it lacks the “x factor” to be a true knock-out superstar.

5. Vivo T1 5G – Best Budget Option

Sadly, the Vivo T1 5G hasn’t made it to Europe, but it is a fantastic affordable option from Vivo that is currently sold in China and India.

Performance is one of this phone’s undeniable assets, combined with incredible battery life, thanks to the Snapdragon 695 5G CPU. There are limitations here due to the abundance of plastic and lack of water-proofing, but it also looks the part.

Despite the auxiliary cameras’ lackluster performance, the main camera is strong. The LCD panel, which offers a clean 120Hz refresh rate but has slightly washed-out colors, is possibly the biggest letdown.

However, for those who place a high emphasis on performance and battery life, this is not only the greatest budget phone from Vivo, but one of the best overall.


With a 120Hz AMOLED display, a Dimensity 1300 chipset, a respectable 64Mp back camera, and all-day battery life, the Vivo V25 Pro is a reliable mid-range smartphone that, on the surface, can easily compete with popular mid-rangers like the Nothing Phone (1) and OnePlus Nord 2T.

Additionally, it has an interesting UV-reactive structure. When you shine a light on the phone, the glass temporarily changes color, allowing you to use stencils to make stylish temporary designs like the one in the image above.

The absence of any official resistance to dust or water, as well as any reference to any toughened glass on the front or rear, are the drawbacks. You’ll also have to put up with a version of FunTouch OS stuffed with junk and without any solid promise to software updates because the phone is only available in Asia.

So while there are many positives to say about the Vivo V25 Pro’s hardware, it’s not exactly the ideal mid-range smartphone.


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