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The Best Top Nokia Handset 2023 REVIEW

Most likely, if you’re under 30, a Nokia was your very first phone. When the Finnish brand entirely dominated the worldwide phone market, just as many schoolchildren and businessmen carried around the iconic 3310.

In 2022, a significant change has occurred. There is a Nokia, but it belongs to the Finnish corporation HMD Global. But for all practical purposes, we have a variety of Nokia phones—both feature phones and smartphones—to suggest to you.

Nokia has a good selection, from retro-styled old favorites to sleek devices with high-end specs to compete with Samsung and Google. It has done a good job of keeping a large number of its devices up to date by updating them to the following version of Android and later. As a result, its version of Android is fairly stock-like and uncluttered (not to mention long-term security updates, too).

Some of the phones on this list date back a little bit further, although Nokia continues to release smartphones in the low- and mid-price ranges. Here are the top Nokia smartphones available right now.

1. Nokia X30 5G

The Nokia X30, which is a vast upgrade over the X20, is the greatest Nokia phone you can purchase in 2023. It’s certainly worth a look for a competitive £399/€499 because to its outstanding cameras, strong construction, and three-year warranty.

Here, it is clear that HMD has worked hard to make the X series’ cameras the series’ focal point (ha). When it comes to photography, the X30 performs admirably for its price range, especially in low light, where it truly shines.

That’s largely because of the primary camera’s reliable 50Mp sensor and some clever software, including a strong night mode and what HMD calls “Capture Fusion,” which combines shots from the main and ultra-wide lenses to create one, presumably superior, image.

Despite not having a charger in the box, the phone features 33W rapid charging and can comfortably last all day. HMD did this to reduce e-waste, a goal that is represented in the Circular program, which lets you rent the X30 and other phones on a pay-monthly basis.

2. Nokia 8.3 5G – Top-of-the-line

Along with its recognizable wide 5G band compatibility, the Nokia 8.3 5G’s huge 6.81in FHD+ display, clean Android build, and Zeiss camera configuration are outstanding additions.

A special Cinema video mode allows you to shoot video in up to 4K@30fps in 21:9 with optional H-Log capabilities. The main 64Mp Zeiss-engineered snapper is a significant improvement over other recent Nokia family implementations.

You have a fantastic Nokia experience on your hands when you combine that with two years of Android OS updates and all-day battery life.

3. Nokia XR20 – Longest-lasting battery

With a strengthened exterior and an extended three-year guarantee for added peace of mind, the Nokia XR20 aims to live up to the brand’s illustrious reputation for high-quality construction.

It features identical internal hardware to the Nokia X10, including a Snapdragon 480 CPU and a 48MP primary camera, inside that robust casing. However, other people may find that the best battery life available is enough of a motivation to purchase a phone on its own.

Other notable features include a headphone jack, 5G, and Nokia’s signature user-friendly Android interface.

4. Nokia X20: The best affordable 5G

The Nokia X20 shares many key characteristics with the XR20, but chooses to differentiate itself by utilizing more opulent design elements and better cameras.

The phone includes stock Android out of the box, three years of OS updates, excellent battery life, and a three-year guarantee.

But the X20’s biggest flaw is its performance

5. The 2019 Nokia 3310 is the best backup phone.

There is no escaping the reality that the Nokia 3310 is a play on nostalgia, and how much you care about it will depend on how much you adore the Nokia bricks of yesteryear.

It won’t replace your smartphone (and doesn’t even try), but it can be a cheap addition (although the SIM size is annoying). Although there are currently feature phones available that are less expensive, we are devoted to Nokia because to the incredible battery life and the overwhelming Nokia factor (including Snake!).


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