Luciano Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer | แบ่งปัน bohemian rhapsody วิเคราะห์ ดีที่สุด

by James Johnson

คุณ เป็น บุคคล หลงใหล หัวข้อ เศรษฐกิจ, คุณ ชอบ ดู เหล่านี้ เนื้อหา ที่เกี่ยวข้องกับ ข้อมูล ธุรกิจ ในประเทศไทย ผลกระทบ นำไปสู่ ​​ เศรษฐกิจ พบกับ ความผันผวนมากมาย … น่าดึงดูด โดย เนื้อหา เหล่านั้น แต่ ไม่ได้ พบ รับ แหล่งข้อมูล มาตรฐาน ถึง เรียนรู้. ที่นี่, หน้า ธุรกิจ ของ จะ สังเคราะห์ สำหรับ ทุกคน หัวข้อ, ดูเลย สิ่งต่างๆ อัปเดต ขวา ที่นี่.

Luciano Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer | bohemian rhapsody วิเคราะห์.


ทุกคน รู้สึก อย่างไร กับ ข้อมูล เรา เพิ่ง กล่าวถึง ด้านบน, คุณ ต้องการ พูดคุย ทุกอย่างเกี่ยวกับ เนื้อหา, คุณสามารถ แสดงความคิดเห็น สำหรับ เรา ในส่วนความคิดเห็นด้านล่างเพื่อให้ สามารถแสดงความคิดเห็นร่วมกันหรือหากคุณมี การมีส่วนร่วม โปรด แสดงความคิดเห็น แสดงความคิดเห็น ถึง เรา ทราบ นอกจาก คุณ ต้องการ เพื่อค้นหา ฟังเข้าใจหัวข้อเศรษฐศาสตร์อื่น ๆ เพิ่มเติมที่คุณสามารถทำได้คุณสามารถค้นหาข้อมูลที่เป็นประโยชน์เพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่: ดูข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่ .

ข้อมูลที่เกี่ยวข้องกับหัวข้อ bohemian rhapsody วิเคราะห์.

I’ll be honest: this isn’t a first time reaction. But it is my favorite opera aria, sung by my favorite opera singer. So – I want to share it with you, and analyze what makes Pavarotti and Puccini so dang awesome. Join professional opera singer Elizabeth Zharoff, as she listens to Luciano Pavarotti performing one of his legendary songs, “Nessun Dorma,” in the three tenors concert in Los Angeles. —————————————————- —————————————————- ——————– Performed by Luciano Pavarotti – Composed by Puccini ——————- —————————————————- —————————————————- —- I definitely recommend watching the original video without interruptions, here’s the link: Show Warner Classics some love: ————————– —————————————————- ———————————————– WE HAVE MERCH ! Check-out the full line-up here: —————————————- —————————————————- ——————————— 🎧 Elizabeth’s favorite headphones 🎧 : Music Gear Questions? 🎤 See my list of recommendations: WANT MY CHAIR? I don’t blame you…and here’s a link to make it even sweeter: ——————————— —————————————————- —————————————- 🌐Website: 📸Instagram: 🧑‍🤝‍ 🧑Patreon: 📺Twitch: ————————————–COURSES—– ————————————– 🎵MUSIC APPRECIATION COURSE🎵 Want to understand how to listen to and appreciate music more? My Music Appreciation course is now live. Take a look at 🎶DEMYSTIFYING SINGING🎶 My intensive 7-week course on vocal foundations includes weekly group sessions and private lessons. Learn more at ———————————————– —————————————————- ————————– Elizabeth Zharoff is an international opera singer and voice coach, with 3 degrees in voice, opera, and music production. She’s performed in 18 languages ​​throughout major venues in Europe, America, and Asia. Currently based somewhere between Los Angeles and Tucson, Arizona, Elizabeth spends her days researching voice, singing, teaching, writing music, and recording TONS. She also plays Diablo and Dungeons & Dragons. —————————————————- —————————————————- ———————– Want a free voice lesson? Sign-up to WIN at ——————————————– —————————————————- —————————– Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes. such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. —————————————————- —————————————————- ———————– #Pavarotti #Reaction #ElizabethZharoff ..

Luciano Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer รูปภาพที่เกี่ยวข้อง .

Luciano Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer

Luciano Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer

>> นอกจากนี้ we ยัง แบ่งปัน ข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมเกี่ยวกับหัวข้ออื่น ๆ ที่เกี่ยวข้องเช่น MMO การลงทุนและข่าวสารทั่วไปอื่น ๆ ของประเทศไทยและทั่วโลกคุณสามารถอ้างอิง ดูข้อมูลเพิ่มเติมได้ที่นี่: ดูความรู้ใหม่เพิ่มเติมที่นี่

bohemian rhapsody วิเคราะห์ – การค้นหาที่เกี่ยวข้อง.

#Luciano #Pavarotti #quotNessun #Dormaquot #REACTION #amp #ANALYSIS #Vocal #CoachOpera #Singer.

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Luciano Pavarotti "Nessun Dorma" REACTION & ANALYSIS by Vocal Coach/Opera Singer

bohemian rhapsody วิเคราะห์.

หวังว่า ข้อมูล ในหัวข้อ bohemian rhapsody วิเคราะห์ นี้จะ มีประโยชน์ มาสู่คุณ ขอบคุณมาก.


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The Charismatic Voice 23/09/2022 - 06:49

We just released merchandise! Check out the full line-up here:

Rick Borrero 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I have loved this song and performance. Your woke pale white over explanation of a beautiful experience killed this song for me. I'd rather heat real reactions from laypersons.

Muirdoch McNeil 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Austin Brown and Rob Lundquist – "Nessun Dorma" | Two COUNTRY Singers try singing OPERA

Roxanne Kabotsky 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Take a listen to Rob Lundquist and Austin Brown "trying" to sing Nessun Dorma.

Perry West 23/09/2022 - 06:49

You should listen to Austin Brown and Rob Lundquist singing Nessun Dorma

Roger Hay 23/09/2022 - 06:49

LOVE your emotion connecting to the voice – WOW

Lavender&Sage 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I would love your analysis of Nessun Dorma with Rob and Austin from Home Free.

Genie J 23/09/2022 - 06:49

As I'm sure you know, Rob Lindquist and Austin Brown gave this piece a go. I'll love to hear your remarks going through as you've done with the master Pov as you call him. It is your expertise that I'm looking for. Not a compare and contrast. Thank you, teacher.

Gregory Smith 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Check out Nessus Dorma from your friends at Home Free.

Vicente Calderon 23/09/2022 - 06:49

You are analizing a legend, this is Italian opera this is history.

Karen Olivarria 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I know you reviewed this a year ago and you don't do much of Home Free anymore, but Austin and Rob just dropped Nessum Dorma on Austin's channel. Would be great to get your take as an Opera Singer on this. Want your mind blown, take a listen.

Larry Wright 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I just heard a rendition of Nessun Dorma by Rob Lundquist and Austin Brown, and it was marvelous. It wasn’t to the standard of Pavarotti, but Rob nailed it for not having sung opera for fifteen years. It’s on Austin’s channel.

Dorothy Whitney 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Check out Austin Brown and Rob Lundquest's version on Austin's channel.

Marcus Ambrester 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Now, you HAVE TO review Rob & Austin doing this piece!!!

Daniel Kuhl 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I just heard that Austin and Rob from Home Free just cut this same Opera!! I'd love to hear a review!!

Brenda Johansen-Falgren 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Check out the Home Free guys Rob and Austin doing this. I think it will amaze you!!

Carol Burnett 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Now you need to watch Rob Lunquist and Austin Brown perform this!

WirelessMike DJ 23/09/2022 - 06:49

@The Charismatic Voice In no way in the same caliber of course, but Rob Lundquist and Austin Brown just released this on Austin's channel, and it brings a whole new appreciation of the talent of these guys.

John Shea 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Forgot this is the song they sing.

John Shea 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Home Free has a new video out called two cowboys sing Opera, with Rob and Austin brown it is really good.

ken coil 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Pavarotti has been my favorite male opera singer for decades. There was just something about the quality of his voice, the smoothness, his phrasing, breath control, that I’ve always liked. I don’t think he had a performance I didn’t enjoy. There are others I’ve liked, of course, but mostly baritones, a couple of basses, not many tenors, though. A lot of tenors, for me, tend to have a sharpness to their voice that I don’t like. An example would be the four Phantoms who sang with Nicole Scherzinger. Two had this “sharp” quality, one (the guy with the dark hair and beard) was a little better and the last one, with the grey hair and beard, was a little lower pitched and was actually my favorite of the bunch.

By the way, two guys, Rob Lundquist and Austin Brown from Home Free, recently released a video of this song. I’d like to see your review of it. I was impressed.

Robert Crouthamel 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Thank you for the intelligent comments. You are correct about the development of Pavarotti's technique. You can dial up his performance of Nessun Dorma from 30 years ago and it is quite different.

Aria Exonar 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Elizabeth… Austin Brown and Rob Lundquist from Home Free just dropped their performance of this piece. I think we would all be thrilled to hear your reaction to it.

Petr Bobalík 23/09/2022 - 06:49

u dont know what ur talking about this is emotion for a woman

David Gallagher 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I loved learning more about the opera being sung, the meaning behind the words sung by this legend.

Robert Wright 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I was so hoping you’d address the quick covering of the vowel at the beginning of “splendira” — in other performances, he has pulled that note down to a pianissimo but remaining open, pushing a crescendo into a fortissimo before moving to the second syllable. It almost sounds like he thought about it but changed his mind and abbreviated the expression. When you have mastered total control, you can adjust and shift and turn on a dime like that and it all remains perfection. 🥰

Bob Fox 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I am very glad for you comment that his voice was not just the result of a natural, born talent- as some have said, out of jealousy. He was aided by a bull-like body, large head and huge mouth. But his bel canto was the product of decades of work. And if you watch his videos of master lessons, he had an incredible understanding of technique..

kevoramma 23/09/2022 - 06:49

That look in his face, he won. 😥

Krickette 23/09/2022 - 06:49

His voice is spiritual.

Jose Perez 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I would really love to see your reaction and analysis of Cucurrucucu Paloma as sung by Juan Diego Florez. I even included the link to the video for you.

No Nonsense 23/09/2022 - 06:49

There are 2 Brazilian singers, Ney Matogrosso and Milton Nascimento. I would like to hear your comments.

Massalfe 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I'm not an Opera fan but as italian, I'm very grateful to watch this video with Pavarotti and a Puccini's opera. Nessun Dorma was my grandfather favourite piece of music. Every time I recall his tears while listening to Luciano's voice.

Martin Mikalsen 23/09/2022 - 06:49

You should see The best Nessun dorma – Luciano Pavarotti – Turandot – Puccini, now that's incredible

Rick Aucoin 23/09/2022 - 06:49

"He hit that last note like it owed him money."

Ah, if Pavarotti had never performed anything but this he'd still be rightly considered the greatest voice ever. It always astounds me how easy he makes it look, as though he were simply a musical instrument.
I've listened to many tenors perform the great arias but there is something unique in the sound of Pavarotti's voice, something about the tone and resonance that was purely his. A remarkable, incredible voice.

Red Panda 7 Artist Development 23/09/2022 - 06:49

if you liked this version, check out his version from the movie Yes Giorgio when he was in his prime, his last held notes are not of this world, a true titan among mortals ….

Cal Jennings 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Pavarotti said that the Houston Summit was the most acoustically perfect place that he had ever sung. It is now Joel Osteen's church.

Elizabeth Smoak 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Miss Elizabeth, Thank you for reviewing Pavarotti and bringing back wonderful memories for me. I raised my daughter on an eclectic mix of music and Pavarotti was one of her favorites from a very young age. She was a toddler and she couldn't pronounce his name so when she wanted to watch The Three Tenors or a Pavarotti VHS, she would come to me and say, "Pappa Waddy, Pappa Waddy!" I'd tell her to get her chair and she would pull it in front of the TV, select which VHS she wanted to watch, grab her bottle or sippy cup, and be mesmerized for the entire performance. It was such a gift to see her enjoy her "Pappa Waddy". Thank you. You have made my day!

John Holmes 23/09/2022 - 06:49


his performance In Fille Du Regiment is for me his greatest legacy

Esteban Rodas 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Cortas mucho el video 👎

iTube22100 23/09/2022 - 06:49

The correct pronunciation is Turandot with the final "t" because it is not French but the name of an oriental princess. And… there are two "t" in Pavarotti!!

RTTP - Right to the point 23/09/2022 - 06:49

you are the GOAT in music breakdowns, esp operatic and more complicated olde rmusic. your into into hard rock is very interesting lol. do some MJ por favor. SPLENDERAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

RTTP - Right to the point 23/09/2022 - 06:49

everyone is nodding and thinking, " oh yeah i hear it" (referring to the overtones) when in reality they are like i dont hear it at all lmao

Peter Bartolomeo 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Ok….bye!!!!! Too much stoppage. Try enjoying the performer before you try to EDUCATE the solar system with your unparalleled intellect.

LILAC93052 23/09/2022 - 06:49

We look forward to your reactions to this singer. He was the famous opera singer Erik Kurmangaliyev.

Lars Gsänger 23/09/2022 - 06:49

There is a 4.20-something..version of this by Jussi Bjoerling from the 1940th wich is devine❤️

MLAustin5 23/09/2022 - 06:49

Love your video! Could u pls do the same with Pavarotti and Celine Dion's duet, I Hate You Then I Love You? Thank u 💓

Nelson Smith 23/09/2022 - 06:49

I honestly don’t think true passion can be faked. Watching this reaction video was great.

Anders Carlberg 23/09/2022 - 06:49
Enzo 23/09/2022 - 06:49

You talk too much but you’re incredibly beautiful……
Annoying too that you keep calling him Pav but again, you’re so good looking.

matias bahamondes 23/09/2022 - 06:49

🙏🙏🙏🙏 la versión de eric Adame de MANOWAR !!!!!

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