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2023’s Top Samsung Galaxy Handset – [Top 5+]

Since many years ago, Samsung has dominated the worldwide Android phone industry, providing Apple with its toughest challenge while fending off an expanding threat from Android competitors, including Google and Chinese tech titans.

Samsung releases more smartphones annually compared to Apple’s few. This is both good and bad since it gives potential customers a wide range of alternatives to choose from. There is certainly a Samsung phone out there to suit just about everyone, but it can be challenging to choose which one is best for you.

Do you prefer the Z-series foldables or the flagship-class (but pricey) experience given by the Galaxy S range? If you have a limited budget, one of the more affordable FE models, any of the smartphones from the varied Galaxy A series, or the even more economical Galaxy M line may be more appealing.

Every year, we review as many Samsung Galaxy phones as we can, and you can find our choice of the bunch right here. There should be something for any budget because we have not only selected the costly models—though they are included here, too—but also chosen our favorite less priced Samsung handsets.

The best Samsung Galaxy phones of 2023 are

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, which is the best overall.

While the S21 Ultra experimented with Note-like features, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is undoubtedly the Note 20 Ultra’s full-fledged successor in every way save name.

The design is noticeably unique from the other Galaxy S22 models (i.e., extremely “Note-like”), and it comes with an integrated S Pen stylus that extends capabilities beyond most competitors, particularly in terms of productivity.

Despite the camera hardware having a familiar appearance, Samsung’s improvements make it one of the best systems in any phone right now. It has a 108Mp main shooter supported by an ultrawide and two telephoto lenses at various zoom levels, with the zoom performance being especially good compared to earlier models.

An amazing list of advantages is rounded off by the large 6.8in LTPO AMOLED display’s high WQHD+ resolution and adaptive refresh rate of up to 120Hz, as well as its superior long-term software support.

2. Best foldable smartphone: Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4

Samsung improved the already cutting-edge Galaxy Z Flip 3 foldable by making a few significant adjustments. The result is the Flip 4.

The most significant issues of the previous generation have been fixed by advancements in battery life and camera quality, thus there are now very few design compromises.

The main one is that you’ll have to forgo a telephoto camera, which is a feature included on all of Samsung’s prior flagships, and accept the possibility that it won’t last as long as a conventional slab-shaped phone.

Even still, this phone is hard to resist because it combines a stunning, small design with top-notch specs, water resistance, and a battery that can now easily last all day.

3. The best tiny flagship is the Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Galaxy S22 5G is a smartphone fans’ ideal device.

Outstanding camera performance, a 120Hz display, an IP68 rating, and Samsung’s One UI skin are just a few of the highlights.

With regard to battery life, the S22 hardly has any significant drawbacks. If you use your phone frequently, prepare to charge it more frequently or carry a portable power bank.

However, because the improvements over the S21 from last year are so slight, it is not worthwhile to upgrade. The S22+ (below) is a viable option if you require more battery life and a larger screen and are willing to stretch your budget.

4. Best mid-ranger: Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G

Performance is addressed with a minor update to the A52 5G from earlier in 2021, which is Samsung’s top midranger.

The A52s is significantly more competitive in the hot mid-range market because to the Snapdragon 778G, outperforming favorites like the OnePlus Nord 2 in our CPU benchmarks. We would still choose this model over the more modern one because, quite surprisingly, it even departs the A52s faster than its otherwise comparable successor, the Galaxy A53.

Although charging is still rather slow, battery life is good, there are many cameras to choose from, and Samsung offers outstanding long-term software support, all of which contribute to a terrific user experience.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: The most productive model

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 has a ton of improvements over its predecessor, including a sleeker, more durable construction and a larger aspect ratio.

The Snadpragon 8+ Gen 1 has been upgraded to ensure top performance, and the rear cameras have been completely ripped off of the S22 series to give amazing photography as well. Additionally, new software features including a task bar enhance multitasking, enabling the Fold 4 to fully utilize its compact size.

However, not all apps handle that form factor well, so some programs still seem a little strange on the huge screen. Additionally, you’ll have to put up with the phone’s inferior selfie camera located inside the display.

6. Samsung Galaxy S22+

Samsung frequently sets the standard for what each class of smartphones should strive to achieve, and even though the S22+ isn’t the company’s top model, it still has the same appearance, feel, and handling as a flagship phone.

The S22+ feels like a well-future-proofed device despite having great performance, especially in terms of graphics ability, that may be temporarily hampered by a lack of optimization, not least since Samsung is providing superb long-term upgrade support with it.

A gorgeous display, a wonderful build that is both sleek and durable, and some intriguing cameras are also included. The major roadblocks to making this an automatic endorsement, though, are battery life and fast charging.


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